Ending of Year 2015 and Beginning of Year 2016


It’s been awhile since last I posted…365 days of 2015 is finally over and here’s new 365 days of 2016 from today. There was a lot of good and bad going on by 2015 but really important to look ahead and make your decision/plans whatever you do.

For art stuff, I don’t do so much except did 365 days photo project on Instagram – my private one. I just started new Instagram account for art stuff only…so I will try to do more to update/posting photos on this public account.

I found the links about Deaf Culture which is really cool to see these in many months of 2015. TED Talk – Christine Sun Kim, Deaf Artist with sound medium. Buzzfeed posted 15 moments of Deaf Culture 2015. The ASL App – learning how to make conversation with sign language – you can download app on Apple store but not arriving on Google Play yet. It is really neat to talk or learn some sign language phrase!

Happy New Year 2016!

Ending of Year 2015 and Beginning of Year 2016

NWGN: final significant post


For Nomadic Architecture class, I had thought about environment art. I grew up in crowded housing or busy city for my whole life. So I had thought about how to survive in the desert land or the area of nowhere. It was really nice to get out of busy city for awhile to slow down and enjoy the camping for a bit.

So I chose this image below because I thought it was really fantastic to build small and compact shelterer in somewhere of the lake or ocean. Beside, there wasn’t much information but I just chose random image that I would like to see.

found website: http://www.livegreenblog.com/events/nomad-architecture-andamp-environmental-art-workshop–9475/

PS I can’t post on the blog from Nomadic Architecture Weebly due to I can’t access or log in. So I used this instead.

– Crystal

NWGN: final significant post