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Proud to be Deaf, SoCal Gal, Artist of Photography and College Grads.

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Here’s my link for any general art only on facebook – here.

I just graduated with BFA degree, last May 2015. Still looking for a job…it could be still difficult for California to get hiring. Anyway, my apologies if I don’t post more arts or whatever the reason. I’m taking it slow down and figures out in the process.

Well, hope you enjoy and happy lunar new year!

Actor tried out to be Deaf for a day

Advanced Drawing Final Projects

Handmade book – Dream theme


Paper cutting with ready-frame


NWGN: final significant post


For Nomadic Architecture class, I had thought about environment art. I grew up in crowded housing or busy city for my whole life. So I had thought about how to survive in the desert land or the area of nowhere. It was really nice to get out of busy city for awhile to slow down and enjoy the camping for a bit.

So I chose this image below because I thought it was really fantastic to build small and compact shelterer in somewhere of the lake or ocean. Beside, there wasn’t much information but I just chose random image that I would like to see.

found website:–9475/

PS I can’t post on the blog from Nomadic Architecture Weebly due to I can’t access or log in. So I used this instead.

– Crystal

NWGN: Nomadic Architecture Final


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BFA Exhibit – ‘Perspective of Astigmatism’

Originally posted on 'Perspective of Astigmatism':

Senior year of Fine Art in Photography. BFA Artist Talking on April 17, 2014 for opening reception evening. Only Deaf student at Sierra Nevada College in Fine Art Department at Incline Village, Nevada of Lake Tahoe.

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BFA Final Artworks

The Holman Building is Open for “Business”!

Sorry, I forgot to upload this link. But I found it via Sierra Nevada College website on news page. I was in one of photos but you can’t see my face because my back was only showed. The Holman Building is new SNC Art Department for expansion.

“Pussy Riot Attacked”

Pussy Riot was talked about during my studio class so just follow up since they held their words that they would visit to Winter Olympics in Russia. Only found on the website – The Huntington Post.

Deaf pastor signs a mighty surprising message


I’m not Christian but I don’t believe in God, although. I only believe in “universe” or “zen meditation.” However, I still praying to my decease families and everything except in God.

Originally posted on CNN Belief Blog:

Opinion by Justin Vollmar, special to CNN

(CNN) – When I was 18, I was drawn to a strict Christian sect known as Independent Fundamental Baptists. They convinced me that they were the only true church and I became a born-again, washed-in-blood Christian.

I left Gallaudet University, the nation’s premier school for deaf students, to enroll at Capital Baptist Deaf College, where I graduated with an unaccredited bachelor’s degree in pastoral studies.

For the next seven years, I was a pastor in Silver Spring, Maryland, working 60 hours a week for little pay. My senior pastor was a harsh taskmaster, scolding me and always pushing me to work harder. Meanwhile, he earned $80,000 a year and played golf two times a week. I lived in poverty and did not see my children much. I got burned out.

I resigned my position and was shunned by the church. My faith in God was severely shaken. I started…

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