NWGN: final significant post


For Nomadic Architecture class, I had thought about environment art. I grew up in crowded housing or busy city for my whole life. So I had thought about how to survive in the desert land or the area of nowhere. It was really nice to get out of busy city for awhile to slow down and enjoy the camping for a bit.

So I chose this image below because I thought it was really fantastic to build small and compact shelterer in somewhere of the lake or ocean. Beside, there wasn’t much information but I just chose random image that I would like to see.

found website: http://www.livegreenblog.com/events/nomad-architecture-andamp-environmental-art-workshop–9475/

PS I can’t post on the blog from Nomadic Architecture Weebly due to I can’t access or log in. So I used this instead.

- Crystal